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Notable interior designer Barclay Butera has combined forces with Eastern Accents to design and create numerous decorative pillows and luxury bedding collections. Hand-crafted in the Chicago studio of Eastern Accents, these collections beautifully align with Butera’s famous lifestyle home furnishings products; his signature look of elegant, yet homey, décor and richly layered design permeate the Desert, Mountain, Town & Country, City and Beach lifestyle categories.

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Custom Home Theaters

Home Theaters in Gilbert, AZ

Hello Folks,

I am so pleased to tell you about our latest addition to our staff here at Athena’s Window Fashions. His name is Steve Forehand, and he is a master carpenter and motorized blinds expert. He has been in the trade for 40 years, and understands how to take your idea, and use wood, technology, and skill to make your dream project a reality!

His specialty is custom home theaters. His project history is amazing. He has worked on multi-million dollar homes in California and Colorado for years. He can make any room look rich with elegant wood moulding and custom wood work of any sort. He will automate the drapes and blinds for you. And since Athenas is moving into home theaters in Gilbert AZ, we will also provide the projectors, screens, speakers, motorized drapery tracks, etc. How great is that?

If you would like to meet Steve, or talk about any custom woodworking/home theater project, call us for an appointment. You can see now why we are so excited. We are sure you will be excited too!

John Hatch
Certified Installer, Athenas Window Fashions
690 E. Warner Rd.
Gilbert Az. 85296

September: Child Safety Awareness Month

Blinds in Gilbert, AZ

September: Child Safety Awareness Month

Hello Folks,

This is September, a wonderful time of year. And as we all know, September is Child Safety Awareness Month. You didn’t know? Or don’t care? Perhaps this message will change that a little.
You might be thinking “Why is a drapery and blind guy talking about child safety?” Great question! The answer: Because it matters. It matters to every mother and father, every Grandpa and Nana.

Most blinds are operated by strings. Tug on the string, the blind goes up. The strings are longer now, and many people just let them drag on the floor. When a child finds a string on the floor, it might be disastrous. They could wrap the cord around their neck, cutting off the airway.

As parents, it is our job to keep our little ones safe from dangers. We don’t let them play with matches or run in the street. We make them hold our hands in the grocery store so they don’t wander off. All of these are standard stuff for Mom and Dad. But, some parents don’t recognize the danger a simple cord can pose to a child.

Athena and I visited a young couple in our neighborhood just last week. Lovely family. Handsome parents, charming children. He had a great job, she stayed home with the kids. One day she walked into the living room to check on her little boy, and found him hanging from a blind cord! He had climbed on the couch, wrapped the cord around his neck, then lost his footing. He had a rope burn all the way around his neck. She was so grateful she found him before any serious damage was done. When she told us the story, she gently touched the burn on his neck and said she was sure guardian angels were watching over him that day.

So now you know. Blinds can be dangerous. That is why HunterDouglas has been working on ways to keep blind cords away from children. They have created blinds in Gilbert, AZ that work without visible cords. They also have battery powered blinds in a variety of styles and colors. If you have the old fashioned blinds with long cords, consider replacing them with newer types of cord free blinds. If you cannot afford that, ask us for some cord cleats that you can attach to the wall, around which you can wrap the cords. We will provide them to you for free. They are easy to install, and will let you worry little less. And maybe we can give the guardian angels a rest.

John Hatch
Certified Installer

Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (09/11/2014) skyseeker (Flickr)